Audience Applauding Speaker At Business Conference

What are the secrets of confident presenting?

Are you looking for presentation skills training? Do you want to become a confident presenter? Presenting Success offers training for individuals and teams, beginners to advanced. Choose from an open course or in-house presentation skills training.

Presenting is a key business skill. Whether you’re wanting to impress, persuade or inspire, your reputation and ultimately your success will depend on how well you do this. Many people know they can be a better presenter. The question is how?

For every presenter we’ve worked with over the last three decades, the answer has been different. Our job is to understand you and to bring out the best in your presentations. Whatever your level or experience, we can help. We are passionate about presenting. We’re very experienced in presenting at all levels, whether it’s at an informal team meeting; more formally at Board level; in multi-million pound sales pitches; or giving an inspirational keynote speech. We have over 30 years’ of experience in training and coaching people to be great presenters.

“Great course, particularly the way it dealt with the real challenges that we get in a corporate presentation. Goes way beyond the standard presentation course.” ~ Participant, Reckitt Benckiser

Do you suffer from a fear of public speaking? Many people do and Presenting Success can help you to overcome this. Do you have an important presentation ahead of you? Are you worried about how it will go? When they started out, professional public speakers felt exactly like you do. We teach a series of practical techniques to help you to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Alternatively, it may be that you are an experienced presenter who wants to up their game. We also offer advanced presentation skills training, for example for sales professionals.

Here are some things to think about, when it comes to your next presentation:

1. I’ve been asked to do a presentation – what do I present?

2. Where do I get the material for my presentation?

3. How do I find out about my audience?

4. How do I work out the point of my talk?

5. How do I prepare my presentation?

6. How do I create a unique presentation?

7. Making your point clear through analogies and metaphors

8. Using props and exhibits to make it memorable

9. Should you learn your presentation word for word?

10. Using visual aids such as PowerPoint.

11. How should I open my presentation?

12. Should I use humour in my presentation?

13. How should I close my presentation?

14. How should I involve the audience?

15. Making and using notes for a presentation.

16. Presentation practicing and rehearsal.

17. Using my voice well in a presentation.

18. The difference that your energy makes.

19. Preparing for the Q and A.

20. Preparing yourself – the logistics.

21. Overcoming nerves about presenting

22. Learning from your presentation – what comes next?

23. Introducing & thanking other speakers

24. Speaking in a conference.

25. Presenting with colleagues

26. You get no questions in the Q and A; what next?

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