The Presenting Success Complete Presentation Skills two day training course is highly experiential – you will create and deliver 11 presentations during the two day course, giving you significant confidence and practical experience. We will work on your business material including an eight minute presentation on the 2nd day.

£495 + VAT 9am to 5pm both days

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This course works for both experienced and ‘newbe’ presenters. You will receive supportive coaching from an experienced trainer and presenter, including feedback from your own SD memory card onto which your presentations are recorded.

The Complete Presentation Skills training course covers all of the key points to creating and delivering a professional business presentation, including impactful openings, making a strong point, creating effective PowerPoints and handling Q&A.

This programme has been developed and delivered around the world over three decades. The course will help you to understand the relationship between the content and structure of a presentation and how to quickly prepare a presentation.

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