The Complete Presenter

A highly effective 2-day intensive programme of presentation skills training

Highly experiential – participants create and deliver 11 presentations in 2 days, including an 8 minute business presentation on the 2nd day

Adapted to suit your business at no extra cost

Both Experienced and New Presenters benefit because everyone learns at their own pace

Supportive coaching – you will receive coaching from a very experienced trainer, including feedback from your own SD memory card onto which your presentations are recorded

Covers all the key points to creating and delivering a professional business presentation, including Q & A, handling difficult audience members and creating effective PowerPoints

For 20 years this course has been delivered around the world

Preparation and delivery
  • The opportunity to prepare and deliver at least 11 presentations over the 2 days giving you significant confidence andpractical experience
  • On the 2nd day creation and delivery of an 8 minute business presentation – either a new one or one that’s been presented before, giving you practice and confidence in creating and delivering a longer talk
  • Understanding the relationship between the content and structure of a presentation
  • How to quickly prepare a presentation
Coaching and feedback
  • Expert help and coaching from an experienced, sympathetic and very positive trainer
  • The chance to see how you come across on video, seeing what you do well and what you’d like to change – at least 4 reviews over the 2 days 
Visual aids
  • How to use PowerPoint effectively – creating good slides and bringing them alive
  • Using objects and exhibits to bring your talk alive
  • Using Flip charts and whiteboards to create immediate visual aids
How you come across
  • Hear for yourself how important your voice is in your presentation, and take simple steps to make it more powerful and effective
  • Practice 3 simple tips on how to look more confident
  • Understand the link between what you look like, what you sound like and what you say – the 3 keys to a great presentation
Engaging and working with the audience
  • How to engage the audience by telling a compelling story, the key element of any presentation
  • How to find out about your audience – knowing what they really want to hear
  • Finding your point – the reason you’re presenting
  • Becoming more persuasive and clear
  • Handling the Q and A (Question & Answer) session with confidence
  • Dealing with awkward audience members
Opening and closing
  • 10 ways to open your presentation with impact and interest
  • Practicing a key tip to immediately engage with the audience
  • 7 ways to close your presentation strongly with a clear message for the audience
  • Much more confidence in presenting
  • More effective preparation and rehearsal of your material and yourself
  • Choosing or creating the right content and structure for your audience
  • Getting your focus off yourself and onto the audience
  • Increased skill in delivering an interesting, powerful and persuasive presentation
  • Able to handle the Q & A with confidence, anticipating the difficult questions
  • Choosing or creating the best visual aids for your message, including PowerPoint slides
  • Looking forward to presenting instead of seeing it as a chore or a challenge

The whole Programme is highly experiential. Over the 2 days you’ll do 11 presentations, finishing with an 8-minute business presentation on the second day. This means that a lot of the confidence and experience you’ll be gaining will be on your feet. And you’ll be watching the other participants present so you’ll be getting good ideas from the way they present, as well as feedback from them when you present.

We’ll take you through it step by step – the trainer for each programme is chosen for the quality of their experience as trainers and presenters. They’re also passionate about people, so even though everyone’s different they’ll know how to bring out the best in you.

We’ll cover all that you need to know about creating and delivering a successful business presentation, whether that’s a Board report, the introduction of a new product, a motivational speech or a client seminar.

And with the tried and tested Presentation Training ProcessTM that we’ve developed over the last 20 years we know that you will find each step easily achievable – and that you’ll actually look forward to getting out in front.

Each of your presentations will be recorded onto a personal SD video card so you can see what you are doing well and what you’d like to do differently. This ensures you receive individual feedback and coaching over the entire two days.

You’ll be working on your own business material and – here’s the great part – there’s no preparation whatsoever needed for the course. We believe that you know enough already: it’s our job to bring it out in you!

“I would definitely recommend the programme for confidence building and discovering what is your unique way of presenting. Majority of business school offers mandatory courses that teach you the structure of presenting – how to make slides, how to structure your presentation, how to create a storyline, make charts, open presentation and finish…etc. The problem is that we all theoretically know WHAT to do without actually knowing HOW to do it. In a sense we all know how to fly a plane based on the manual but nobody really knows how to do it with a real plane…or we do it really poorly, based on learn by doing, until we hit a wall, known also as a feedback. This is space where I find real value in this programe and Walter’s coaching. Walter has immense experience and knowledge, which gives him an agile and intuitive approach in teaching others how to discover their own unique presentation strengths and how to build on them to be become a better in presenting. It still follows the structure but this helped to see nuances of each approach and to test myself, wear a different presenting persona in a sense. Best example for me is the power of voice – how often do we test in presentation how voice can make an impact and that we can control it”.


The Complete Presenter

“What an incredible 2 days of learning. Not only did I sharpen my presentation skills, gaining hints and tips to open with strength; I took away so much more in personal development. This is a must attend course for those looking to build their confidence in presenting, regardless of experience. You will get feedback and coaching along the way as you build on your skills and leave the course energised and ready to make an impact”.

Sarah Gray

General Manager - ResourceiT

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