Executive Presentation Skills

Unique 2-day programme to develop the presenters’ ability to be both powerful and persuasive in an executive setting

Presenting in the Board Room can be a daunting experience unless you feel confident that you have something important to say, you know you can say it well and you are prepared for the potential challenges that your presentation might bring.

This unique 2-day programme develops presenters’ ability to be both powerful and persuasive in an executive setting.  It works through having each participant give eleven presentations (leading to a 8 minute business presentation on the second day) with coaching from 2 experienced trainers in a very positive environment. Video is used to help the feedback process and to show the executive how much he or she has developed in the two days

Each participant leaves the programme with an SD video card of their presentations over the 2 days. The programme is focussed on helping participants to deliver a powerful and clear presentation, with or without PowerPoint slides. Additionally it teaches them to handle difficult participants and challenges.

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The programme is designed to assist each participant to develop and practice a real-life presentation that is currently important to his or her function.

Examples might be:

  • Identifying a problem in the business

  • Identifying an opportunity for the business

  • A formal report-back

  • Introducing a new procedure / report / product idea

  • Making a technical report

  • Selling an idea or concept

  • Motivating a team

For the participants the programme will:

  • increase confidence in front of the group

  • promote strategies with which to control an audience

  • highlight and encourage natural strengths

  • seek to eliminate distracting mannerisms/speech patterns

  • explore different ways to effectively structure presentations

  • show how to prepare the longer talk

  • encourage the use of effective visual aids

  • increase their flexibility

  • enable them to start strongly with purpose, hold interest, and close powerfully

  • develop their confidence in presenting to a senior group

  • help to present themselves at their best

​”The team at Presenting Success always come up with goods and move our presentations to the next level.”

Robin Welch

Former Chairman of GI Solutions Group

“Great course, particularly the way it dealt with the real challenges that we get in a corporate presentation. Goes way beyond the standard presentation course.”


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