During the Inspiring Presentation Skills one day open training course, you will create and deliver a six minute presentation to inspire your audience! We will explore the idea of inspiration, where it comes from and how to create it.

You will receive  both peer and trainer feedback on how good you are, as well as areas for development. You will leave inspired to do more speaking.

£245 + VAT 9am to 5pm 

For more information about dates and locations for the Inspiring Presentation Skills open training course click here.

We will discuss:

  • The fundamentals of good speaking – how and where you stand, what to do with your hands and arms, where to look
  • The crucial link between what you look like, what you sound like and what you say
  • How to prepare and practise your presentation
  • How to open with impact
  • The power of stories – the basis of all good presentations
  • The power of emotion
  • How to close with power
  • How to gain a commitment to action

Contact us for more information:

From within the UK, call 020 7100 2520

From outside the UK, call +44(0)20 7100 2520

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