Sales Presentation Skills Workshop

1-Day £199 + VAT

Whether you want to create a sales presentation, a client report, or a Board summary, this fun on-your-feet workshop is for anyone who needs to learn the basics, or refresh their skills or confidence.

Team Presentations Coaching

1 or 2-Days

Whether you have a sales, pre-sales or management team that need to improve their presentation skills, this inspiring approach will have them on their feet, re-thinking their approach, and eager to get out there and do it.

Executive Presentations Programme


At Board level it’s crucial that contributors are clear and to-the-point. This course explores alternative ways of becoming more confident and persuasive in pressured Boardroom situations. 

Major Bid Team Coaching


Whether it’s a particular bid that must be won, or you want to raise the game of those who pitch, our coaching is highly practical, and effective, and can be shown to achieve outstanding results.

The Complete Presenter


Aimed at ambitious professionals who want to develop their presentation skills and confidence to produce outstanding results and make a difference to their business.

One to One Presentation Coaching


Whether you’re creating a presentation that you need some help with, or just want to improve your skills and confidence our Skype-based coaching is time-efficient, and has been proven to work.

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