This is for those people who want to become good at presenting through understanding and practicing what makes a good business presentation. It takes away the mystery of presentations, and shows you how you, too, can become skilful as a presenter.

£95 + VAT

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The key points:

  • Participants create and deliver 2 presentations during the afternoon
  • Covers the 3 keys to appearing confident as a presenter
  • Shows you how to choose and tell a relevant story 
  • No-one speaks unprepared – we will show you how to quickly prepare a presentation
  • The principles of good speaking – what makes a good talk
  • How to calm the nerves
  • How to prepare a presentation of any length, using either an established structure or a totally unique creative approach
  • Supportive coaching – you will receive coaching from Walter Blackburn, an experienced and sympathetic trainer who’s trained thousands of people over 40 years 
  • Relevant – we will work on your own material
  • This approach has been developed and delivered around the world over 40 years

So, how does it work?

During the half-day’s training you’ll do 3 short presentations. This means that a lot of the confidence and experience you’ll be gaining will be on your feet. And you’ll be watching the other participants present so you’ll be getting good ideas from the way they present, as well as feedback from them when you present.

​We’ll take you through it step by step and we’ll make sure that you’re ready. We won’t ask you to present unless you’re well-prepared. 

Through helping you to create and deliver 3 short presentations during the morning we’ll show you the keys to an effective business presentation.

All the time you’re on your feet we’ll be giving you support and feedback as to what you’re doing well – your natural talents – and afterwards giving you the option as to what you choose to change in your presentation style or content.

And with the tried and tested Presentation Skills Training Process that we’ve developed we know that you will find each step easily achievable – and that you’ll actually look forward to getting out in front.

​You’ll be working on your own business material and – here’s the great part – there’s no preparation whatsoever needed for the course. We believe that you know enough already; it’s our job just to bring it out in you!

Following the course, we’ll give you the option of a 20-minute follow-up phone call with Walter to discuss your next steps in presenting, and to cover any questions you might have.