“You’re immediately made to feel at ease and that there’s no right or wrong way of presenting; it’s about building confidence and developing your skills to deliver a meaningful, engaging presentation”.

Maxine Greaves

Account Director, The Lettershop Group

“It is a very good introduction to presenting which will give you the confidence & some techniques to present effectively”.

Mark Burnett

Project Engineer, Lorien Engineering Solutions

“You should be attending this course regardless of the level of experience you may have, there is always much you can learn and improve upon. You will come away feeling more confident in your abilities and have new skills that you can apply in a multitude of settings”.

Amit Jain

Account Manager, Education Company Limited

“I’ve just completed a 20-minute major business presentation to 150 prospects. It’s been 5 years since I did a presentation and I was not looking forward to this one. But we’d engaged Walter to help us check the content, the approach and our own presentation skills so that going into the presentation I felt confident, knowing that I could do it well. Afterwards I was surprised and delighted to be complimented by many of the audience. Walter had shown us how to structure the presentation, and how to engage the audience immediately not just with the words but also with our presence at the front. We realised how important it is to be strong and yet create energy; how to bring the slides alive, and how to practice and support each other. I was grateful for his practical experience in running seminars, for the many tips he gave us and for his support during the whole process. I would certainly recommend Walter if you’ve got a major presentation coming up and you’d like a top-up or if you’ve never done one before”!    

Phil Hibbitt

Director, Discount-Licensing Limited

“There is so much to learn in this programme even if you have done a lot of presenting. So many presenters are not aware of how they come across and the actual delivery itself can make all the difference. Walter is a really flexible, inspirational and supportive trainer, allowing you to be at ease, be yourself and make things happen at your pace. Be open and go with the flow, letting Walter work the magic on you! The course is set up in a way that the group support each other throughout and it’s a very safe environment to learn in”.

Miranda Davis

Participant, The Complete Presenter Programme

“What an incredible 2 days of learning. Not only did I sharpen my presentation skills, gaining hints and tips to open with strength; I took away so much more in personal development. This is a must attend course for those looking to build their confidence in presenting, regardless of experience. You will get feedback and coaching along the way as you build on your skills and leave the course energised and ready to make an impact”. 

Sarah Gray

General Manager - ResourceiT

 “I’ve just completed 2 days of presentation skills training with Walter and his team. It was awesome and I’ve made massive shifts in my thoughts about both presentations and myself, and my skill as a presenter. Walter displays a mastery of his topic, working not just with the professional/corporate skills of persuasion but also genuinely responding to each individual and what they have to offer as people, not just as professionals”.

Dave Hampton

Founder of Champions for Earth.com & The Carbon Coach

“The course was really helpful. Initially I had no confidence in my ability to present and I was feeling very nervous. I quickly realised that I could do it as the trainer showed us how to create a structure and then to use a story to bring it alive. I’ve since gone on to become a very confident presenter”.

Tara Pickles

Founder - Linford Marketing Group

​”I was delighted with the Sales Presentation Training that Presenting Success ran for us recently. It was an outstanding two days, with all 34 participants saying how much they enjoyed and benefitted from Walter and Jem’s energy and experience in both sales and presentation skills. We’ll certainly look forward to a repeat performance next year with another group”!

Ginny Wieland

Sales Enablement Manager, Kofax Inc.

“After a client in the construction sector asked me to source a trainer to conduct a presentation and personal impact skills workshop for a group of client facing employees, I went out to the market to seek a supplier.  What I found was a lot of organisations offering ‘off the peg’ presentation skills training courses that didn’t necessarily fit our precise requirements.  Walter really stood out for me because of his varied sector background and strong customer testimonials and after meeting him for a coffee, I had no reservations about recommending him to my client.  Walter did his research and met the senior team to understand what their expectations were in terms of desired outcomes and then tailored the course to fit the requirements.  The feedback from the two day in-house course was excellent from the delegates and there was a bit of a buzz about the place for several days afterwards as they talked with other colleagues about the experience.  My client was delighted with the results and will undoubtedly run the course again.  Really pleased to have found a valuable contact for future training needs”.

Sarah Woodman

Enso HR Consultancy

“I am an experienced presenter but I had lost my confidence in presenting. The couple of hours of coaching with Walter really helped me find my confidence again. I presented at our seminar last week and I remembered his advice and techniques and used them to great effect. It went very well and I felt much less anxious and more confident. I actually enjoyed giving the presentation, which I wasn’t expecting to. I received really positive feedback from my co-trainers and the delegates and I would highly recommend Presenting Success to anyone needs a confidence boost in presenting”.

Sharon Scottorn

Senior Mental Health Professional, NHS

“We engaged Walter to develop and deliver a bespoke leadership course for the senior leadership team of Paint Pots children’s nurseries. Our aims in doing this were to build a more coherent management team identity, to develop vision, purpose and individual confidence, assertiveness and the ability to delegate effectively. Over the course of 4 full days, supported by practice and assignments in between sessions, Walter inspired, enthused and motivated the team, exceeding our expectations of what might be achieved. The growth we witnessed in individuals was remarkable and the development of the team was quite profound. We appreciated Walter taking the time to understand our organisation’s values and ethos and the way in which he tailored his style and content to meet our needs. We would recommend Walter unreservedly as a facilitator”.        

David Wright

Owner - Paint Pots Nurseries, Southampton

“I would definitely recommend the programme for confidence building and discovering what is your unique way of presenting. Majority of business school offers mandatory courses that teach you the structure of presenting – how to make slides, how to structure your presentation, how to create a storyline, make charts, open presentation and finish…etc. The problem is that we all theoretically know WHAT to do without actually knowing HOW to do it. In a sense we all know how to fly a plane based on the manual but nobody really knows how to do it with a real plane…or we do it really poorly, based on learn by doing, until we hit a wall, known also as a feedback. This is space where I find real value in this programe and Walter’s coaching. Walter has immense experience and knowledge, which gives him an agile and intuitive approach in teaching others how to discover their own unique presentation strengths and how to build on them to be become a better in presenting. It still follows the structure but this helped to see nuances of each approach and to test myself, wear a different presenting persona in a sense. Best example for me is the power of voice – how often do we test in presentation how voice can make an impact and that we can control it”.


The Complete Presenter Programme

“Great course, particularly the way it dealt with the real challenges that we get in a corporate presentation. Goes way beyond the standard presentation course.”


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